Our Workplace Practice delivers results that elevate the performance of our clients and enrich the human experience.

Clients ranging from Fortune 50 financial institutions and biotech companies to professional services firms and real estate developers benefit from the innovative thinking and proven expertise of a national team that has dedicated their career to the design of workplace environments.

Human connection and social exchange are at the heart of ideation in this innovation economy, so fostering a healthy, safe and engaging work environment through design – often outside the walls of a building as well as within – is an opportunity we seek in each client engagement.

Wellness and the health of the environment is of utmost importance to us, so we strive to implement regenerative solutions that balance environmental, economic and human factors, ultimately designing projects that achieve our client’s goals of financial and cultural success.

Recognizing that status quo is never an option, we maintain a steady eye on the workplace of the future and all that it will trigger, from technology that will provide an even smarter workplace while enhancing performance and experience, to automation that will create safer, higher-performing and more human-centric workplace environments.


A well-designed interior environment can energize an organization’s culture, stimulate engagement and collaboration, be a magnet for the strongest and most diverse talent, deepen employee retention and reinforce a company’s brand. That, in turn, leads to measurable improvements in productivity and business performance – and a richer experience for employees and visitors alike.
With this in mind, we create high performance, flexible yet intentional designs that advance the health and wellness of occupants. Technologically enhanced, sustainable solutions that seamlessly integrate an indoor-outdoor work environment while delivering comprehensive, business-centered expertise to every client.


Office buildings are no longer simply office buildings. They’re becoming part of their community with ground floor retail and programs that extend operating hours, and expanded performance expectations that include the quality of the space and experience it delivers.
After gaining a comprehensive understanding of our client’s success drivers, we fuse that knowledge with our comprehensive expertise, proven through the successful design of millions of square feet, and innovative thinking to create high performance, high value design solutions for corporate, developer and institutional investor clients. Sustainably designed environments that attract and retain the very best people, tenants and end users.


Mixed-use communities create bustling destinations that improve the way people live, work, dine and shop. Through smart, thoughtful design we skillfully create buildings, streets, plazas and green space that connect people and enrich communities. We accomplish this by drawing from our unique, broad range of disciplines and expertise and having a solid understanding of the right balance of commercial, workplace, civic and healthcare uses.

In partnership with our clients, we help create a unique vision for all facets of the project, be they retail, housing, office, entertainment or hospitality. This vision drives the design to ensure that project goals, project marketability and its relevance in the community remain top of mind.

From crafting an experience to executing a design that embodies our client’s brand and brings their vision to life, we add vitality to communities through the creation of authentic, memorable places.

Science & Technology

Science matters. It’s what helps our communities maintain health and wellness, what seeds the innovation behind medical discovery and technological ingenuity, and what advances sustainable initiatives. Science and research-based industry clients need a workplace that supports these efforts – a flexible workplace that promotes collaboration across disciplines, elevates wellness and health among employees, and highlights opportunities to advance teaching, research and discovery.

That’s what our experts in science & technology design, including architects, interior designers, engineers, sustainability experts, building performance analysts and many others, create and deliver. High performance, complex and meaningful workplaces that enrich the human experience and embrace the future.

Adaptive Reuse & Repositioning

Since space and functional requirements of a building can change over time for a variety of reasons, renovations have become a cost-effective way to keep architecture relevant. Whether it’s a standard renovation, adaptive reuse/repositioning or historic preservation project, multiple goals can be achieved by optimizing a building’s potential. There are obvious cost savings associated with adaptive reuse (compared to building something new) and there are significant positive impacts on our environment. In addition to crafting the best design solution, our team helps you navigate the reuse of existing materials and other sustainable design strategies along with historic tax credits when appropriate.


Now more than ever, employees have choices about where they work. At the same time, the corporate headquarters has renewed opportunities to set the tone for an organization’s culture and become a place that is designed to support employees in a variety of ways. Your headquarters is a place to make great work experiences happen. It’s also a strategic map for your corporate strategy –strengthening your position in the industry and driving your success in the market. Our workplace team listens to understand your unique culture while promoting functional efficiency, allowing for future growth and designing a space that not only cares for your people, but allows them to propel your organization forward.

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