Technical Training Center

Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Interiors, Office


67,000 Square Feet

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Architecture, Interior Architecture, Site Design

A hub for performance automotive excellence, innovation thrives in every corner of BMW's 67,000-square-foot training center.

Needing to recruit and retain highly-skilled employees to sustain its largest global manufacturing facility, BMW established a cutting-edge training center in Spartanburg, SC, to power its workforce pipeline. Serving as a training destination for current BMW employees and home to outreach programs for local students in high school, trade school, and college, the center equips participants with the skills needed to flourish in advanced manufacturing. With traditional classrooms that merge seamlessly with expansive laboratories, the facility offers vocational and high-tech training, including robotics and controls, mechatronics, and automotive technology. This culture of innovation transcends the building as the entire site is a thriving learning campus featuring an amphitheater and outdoor pavilions for collaborative and innovative pursuits.


A Step Forward in Workforce Development

BMW needed a physical space to promote creative learning, foster innovation, and advance technical skills in the rapidly changing automotive industry. Also, the company wanted to set new standards for flexibility, sustainability, and digitalization, ensuring it remains the leader in mobility and becomes an in-demand career destination for future generations.

  1. Support BMW’s commitment to fuel upward mobility
  2. Build a transformative space that provides modularity, flexibility and efficiency
  3. Act as the focal point of a cultural shift at BMW, emphasizing transparency and learning


Little created a comprehensive training center that embodies innovation and flexibility. This dynamic space integrates technical skill development with inspiring outdoor workspaces, aligning seamlessly with BMW’s vision. The training center empowers associates by offering a holistic approach to employee development, promoting professional growth, creativity, and a sustainable workforce.


The center is a creative learning environment

BMW’s new training center blends technical training and innovation with outdoor learning spaces. These outdoor workspaces provide Wi-Fi access and are part of the company’s ConnectedWorks initiative, promoting flexible, individual, and sustainable work environments. There are team spaces for collaboration, quiet spots for focused work, and areas to relax and connect. A nearby walking trail allows associates to rejuvenate.


Hands-on experience with flexible, cutting-edge technology

The center boasts versatile training spaces, including a cutting-edge robotics training zone. Here, robotic cells are conveniently mounted on self-contained pallets, making them easily transportable and ready for quick connection to overhead electrical outlets. Additionally, the center focuses on cultivating expertise and qualifications relevant to electric vehicle (EV) and battery production. This encompasses emerging technologies that will significantly impact manufacturing, including innovative robotics, smart controls, and mechatronics.


Advancing workforce skills and pioneering future technologies

The center serves as BMW’s North American training hub for all future technologies, ensuring associates excel and set new industry standards. It offers spaces for professional development, leadership training, augmented and virtual reality training, and advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing and laser welding. Additionally, an innovation room provides a safe space for associates to think, collaborate, and bring their ideas to life.

When you come here, you should think, ‘Wow, BMW is investing in my future by creating a facility that is state-of-the-art.’ But, we’ve also developed an environment that is welcoming, engaging, inspirational, and innovative. It will be relevant for years to come.
Paul Sinanian

Manager of Talent Programs – Training


A commitment to the community and automotive excellence, the training center aligns with BMW’s education strategy to inspire, build, and upskill its associate workforce.

BMW’s new training center is a next-generation facility that addresses workforce development challenges and showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. It allows the company to take advantage of synergies between its leadership and training programs while attracting a new level of associates needed to drive a healthy workforce pipeline.


Find out how everyone—from company leaders to students—feels about BMW’s new training center and see the impact it is already creating.

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