Little’s Retail Practice has proven experience in crafting spaces that attract customers and drive sales.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Little complements its architectural service offering with visual merchandising, brand management, environmental and in-store graphics, program management, land planning and animation expertise to create integrated design solutions for each client.

Our Retail team focuses on what architecture enables people to do and how it can help bring people together. We’re writing the narrative that drives the store experience beyond a transaction, identifying a more meaningful purpose for bricks and mortar that not only co-exists with, but supports, an online purchase. We’re finding smarter ways to use the digital tools, smart devices and platforms that are rapidly being adopted and integrating them within the retail experience.

Where we Eat, Live, Shop and Play are converging. Regardless of where these lifestyles intersect, it’s the shared moments that bring us all together to make lasting memories and connect us to brands. Little’s strength lies in this diversity – whether designing signature experiences for eateries, apparel boutiques, or financial institutions- all contribute to our understanding of the changing needs and desires of your customers.  Our retail expertise spans the full spectrum of customer experience enabling us to engage on projects that re-define traditional retail.

When organizations recognize the importance of aligning their brand communication efforts with the overall architectural narrative of the space, the results provide cohesive experiences with coordinated design functionality.  The best user experiences create deep engagements with our brands and stories.  Therefore, our focus is on curating your spatial experience by making it more relevant, memorable and effective.


Our holistic approach starts with tapping into our brand experience expertise, enabling us to work with you to craft a unique and unparalleled vision for your project. Evaluated from the perspective of multiple users, a customer experience journey is created for all facets of the project, be they retail, housing, office, entertainment or hospitality. This vision drives the development of the design to ensure your goals, the project’s marketability and its relevance in the community remain top of mind.

Little’s mixed-use projects create bustling destinations that improve the way people live, work, dine and shop. Through smart, thoughtful design we skillfully create buildings, streets, plazas and green space that connect people and enrich communities. We accomplish this by drawing from our unique, broad range of disciplines and expertise and having a solid understanding of the right balance of commercial, workplace, civic and healthcare uses.


From Fast Casual to Cafeterias to unique Fine Dining experiences, our restaurant experience runs the gamut. Our multi-disciplinary approach, uniting interior design, brand strategy, graphic design and consumer research, assures that the experience is a perfect solution for targeted business objectives. Since food venues must operate like a finely tuned machine, we engage our technical experts that know the food service industry inside and out. Our process results in fantastic customer experiences that elevate client performance.

Specialty Retail

Retailers must remain fresh and on the cutting edge to stay relevant in the eyes of the customer and remain competitive. We go beyond the visual reinforcement of value, partnering with retail clients to create a unique lifestyle position that differentiates their brand from a host of competitors. Our approach to brand and strategy results in tangible, unified experiences that connect our clients’ on-line to on-site spaces.  Whether we’re creating a brand from scratch, rebranding or breathing new life into an existing brand, our mantra is to create signature moments that leverage a brand’s most compelling attributes and raise the customer awareness of the brand’s value and relevancy to a new level. The result? An immersive experience that emotionally engages customers while stimulating sales.

Service Retail

Little’s design team helps service retailers by clearly branding the experience and environment. By choreographing the customer journey and identifying an intuitive hierarchy of key elements, any service retailer, be it a bank, a healthcare solutions provider or even a restaurant can engage customers on a deeper level and create customer loyalty.

Corporate Rollout

Dedicated to serving the diverse needs of retailers with multi-regional building programs, Little’s Corporate Retail team provides streamlined processes, improved consistency/quality and accelerated speed-to-market.  We combine design expertise with Technology to help you effectively manage the entire volume-building program, from prototype management through due diligence, site adaptation, construction services and beyond.


Supermarkets and hypermarkets often fall victim to customer disorientation, lack of category clarity and visual clutter.  Little’s design team overcomes these challenges by clearly branding the store, improving wayfinding and category signage and increasing visual merchandising impact. By creating a distinct visual hierarchy, we help visibly align the store with the retailer’s brand, clarify the multiple product categories, encourage customer movement and diminish visual clutter, which invigorates sales and engenders customer loyalty.


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