WYE Line

Metals in Construction Design Competition

New York, NY

Project Type

Civic & Cultural


4 city blocks

Design Services

Engineering, Site Design, Sustainability

Rendering of WYE line path toward Madison Square Garden

The Wye Line explores what happens when an urban pathway seeks to be more than a footpath through the city, but instead begins to create a multi-dimensional blur between people and the environment, technology and humanity, the ground and the sky.

Taking inspiration from the rhythm and movement of the NYC railyard, the design seeks to stitch together the historical context of the site with the present development and future opportunities, redefining the idea of “transit” or the moving from one place (history) to another (future). Focusing on the individual user experience, as well as the impact on the community and existing streetscape, the Wye line creates a multi-layered opportunity that lifts the pedestrian off the ground and offers them a choice of simplicity, recreation, or revolutionary experience, while simultaneously invigorating street life.

Regenerative Design

The integrative team incorporated a regenerative approach. Featured within the design are energy producing pavers, which coupled with solar panels, achieve enough energy to power the entire span’s electrical needs. This, along with harvesting rainwater for irrigation, helps the Wye Line achieve a net zero balance