The Good Pour

A Premiere Wine & Spirits Marketplace

Gainesville, Florida


2,600 Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Brand Experience, Interior Architecture

The Good Pour is a unique wine and spirits marketplace that transforms shopping into an act of giving. With every purchase, a portion of the profits is donated to a charity chosen by the consumer, ensuring a positive impact and meaningful customer experience with each transaction.

The renovation work for The Good Pour in Gainesville, FL, encompassed a comprehensive transformation of a 2,600-square-foot space into a premium wine and spirits retail environment infused with philanthropy. This included redesigning the layout, updating finishes and materials, integrating branded graphics and signage, and creating flexible spaces to accommodate retail functions and charitable engagement.

Design Awards

  • 2024 Shop! Design Awards – Signage/Graphics

Project Goals

The Good Pour aims to create a unique and unforgettable shopping destination that puts philanthropy at the forefront, fueled by the belief that all people want to do good.

  • Create a retail environment seamlessly integrating premium wine and spirits with philanthropy.
  • Craft an atmosphere fostering joy, fulfillment, and connection with giving back.
  • Reinvent the guest experience by transforming transactions into meaningful connections with charitable causes.
  • Implement clear communication strategies through signage and graphics to promote customer participation in charitable giving.
  • Design flexible spaces adaptable for showcasing different charitable organizations and causes.


The Good Pour’s Gainesville store seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and philanthropy through strategic signage, adaptable spaces, and a thoughtfully planned customer journey, creating a visually appealing and impactful shopping experience highlighting charitable giving with every purchase.


The Good Pour donates a portion of its profits from every transaction.

Targeting conscious consumers, The Good Pour developed the BOHO (Buy One, Help One) app, allowing customers to dictate where their donations go and track their personal contributions as well as those from The Good Pour, creating an additional level of transparency. To further support this commitment to various charities, the store features adaptable spaces designed to showcase different organizations and causes, ensuring the design remains relevant and impactful over time.


Strategic environmental graphics combine practicality with an enriched customer experience.

The environmental graphics serve multiple functions, acting as both a finishing touch and a method of storytelling that helps define the new brand. The signage not only communicates merchandise offerings and pricing but also conveys the deeper meaning of the brand by explaining the philanthropic process behind each purchase.


The Pour Board is a digital display with purpose.

The Pour Board shows the current charities and the amounts donated to each. Linked to the POS system, it updates in real-time with each donation. Positioned between the sales floor and the gifting area, shoppers can catch a glimpse immediately upon entry.