Headquarters Renovation

Mountain View, CA

Project Type

Headquarters, Interiors, Office


127,000 Square Feet

Design Services

Interior Architecture, Sustainability


77% of employees feel the space fosters more socialization

How might we create a corporate environment that becomes a recruiting magnet and retention tool in a high-tech market teeming with talent?

Symantec realized the power of good design and that they had an opportunity to create an environment that would make a tangible and measurable difference in the lives of their employees. This overarching business goal became the key driver of a WELL certified environment that improves health and productivity.

Project Goals

Symantec understood that this renovation could become a signature differentiator in establishing a workplace brand to attract and retain the kind of talent the client was losing to their competitors.

Our design team thought that WELL Building might be that signature difference for them. Although unfamiliar with WELL, the client quickly became excited as we presented opportunities to improve the health and wellness of their employees.

  1. Create a culture around employee wellness
  2. Obtain WELL building certification
  3. Become a beacon for attracting and retaining top talent


We worked with Symantec to aggressively create an environment to put employees first: their long-term health habits at home and in the office, their happiness, and their impact on the organization.

Light management

Strategic control of lighting plays an essential role in creating a work environment that is focused on health and wellness.

Overhead lighting that aligns with human circadian rhythms, controllable shades that allow independent control as lighting changes throughout the day, and materials and surfaces that minimize glare transmission were key features of the design.

Fitness & Mind

We wanted to create an active environment that encouraged employees to engage in activities that elevate both physical and mental well-being.

Biophilic elements such as the use of natural patterns and opportunities for interaction with nature help reduce blood pressure and human stress hormones. Additionally, strategic placement of meeting rooms, shared spaces and amenities promote movement.

If I can walk a person through our space and show them what we’ve done to make them healthier and more productive, I can prove that we care more about them as a person than Google does!

Human Resources Executive, Symantec




Recruiting and retention have measurably improved in Symantec’s headquarters, which became the first WELL Certified space in Silicon Valley.

Its ‘Movement in the Workplace’ program, which encourages employees to be more active in the space as a natural extension of their daily physical activities, has been exported to all of their locations around the world.

  • 60% of employees joined a gym
  • 77% of employees feel the space fosters more socialization