St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Student Center

Potomac, Maryland


47,740 square feet


10x increase in number of events

This student center serves as a place away from the classroom to encourage performance and growth through student services, athletics and collaboration.

Built on a tight urban/suburban site, the collaborative effort of Little’s transdisciplinary design team included a redesign of the school logo along with messaging and wayfinding, images from our Digital Media team that were instrumental in design approval and guidance from our Sustainability team to achieve LEED Silver Certification.


  • LEED Silver

More than just a gymnasium

The project utilized an existing gymnasium (later transformed into a practice gymnasium) that remained operational during construction and the addition of a new high school-level competition gymnasium, a multipurpose classroom, concessions, student commons, and a fitness/training center, and a new home to the St. Andrew’s Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) program.

The reason we chose Little is they were the only firm that actually heard us when we said, ‘we will not close down our single gymnasium’.
Robert Kosasky

Head of School



Project Goals

A student center that would serve as more than a new athletic facility




Design a space that could combine athletics with teaching, learning and research




The new space has allowed 10X more events, with the ability to hold multiple events simultaneously while also allowing students to return home at a much more reasonable time