Olander Center for Student Life

Raleigh, NC

Project Type

K-12 Schools


Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Interior Architecture, Engineering, Site Design, Brand Consulting

Outdoor photograph of Ravenscroft Quad

With students involved from the very beginning to help envision what this project could be, it was evident that quiet study space and communal social spaces were most important. This Activity Center renovation and expansion offers an exciting and engaging place for students to be during and after school.

The center focuses on holistic wellness, enhancing student’s daily life by providing spaces to study, dine, and socialize during their school day while providing views to the outdoor quadrangle, as well as outdoor dining and activity areas. Seminar and wellness rooms provide spaces for students during study periods, lunch, or while waiting for after-school activities. In addition to daily activity, the center provides pre-function space for the school’s gym.