Fulton County Schools

McNair Middle School

College Park, GA

Project Type

K-12 Schools


187,000 Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Interior Architecture


More supportive of personalized learning and STEM and TAG programs

When Fulton County Schools began the process of constructing their next middle school, they understood they needed to think progressively about education instruction to expect improvement in education outcomes.

The design approach was to implement the concepts of Think, Impart, Discover, Create and Exchange into a flexible, interdisciplinary project-based learning environment. The grade wings have been further reduced into learning ‘neighborhoods,’ where teaching teams of five can co-plan and co-teach through integrated lessons. The traditional media center has been converted into an environment of Exchange and Discovery. The circulation desk has been re-purposed as a ‘genius bar,’ where students can seek guidance from ‘expert’ leaders. This design has been endorsed by the Fulton County Board of Education and will be a model for schools to come in their district.

  • 63% of students report they learn are learning better
  • 75% of students feel the new environments are better than typical classrooms