Majestic Athletic

Ballpark Store Prototype

Multipe Locations

Project Type

Fashion & Beauty, Specialty Retail


2,200 Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Brand Experience, Interior Architecture

Majestic Athletic, a subsidiary of VF Corporation and a leading manufacturer of athletic apparel, wanted a “plug and play” store design concept that would celebrate major league baseball and could be adapted to various ballpark locations.

Majestic’s commitment to craftsmanship, design and technical innovation was a key design driver for Little’s design team who replicated a big-league clubhouse featuring lockers, dugout benches, fencing, bat displays and AstroTurf. The experience was further enhanced by developing stylized graphic artwork and visual displays that have become signature to the Majestic brand in order to communicate the passion of the game and the experience of the player from the locker room, to the dugout, to winning the World Series on-field.