Levine Children’s Hospital


Charlotte, NC

Project Type

Acute Care, Healthcare Facilities, Interiors


200 Square Feet

Design Services

Interior Architecture

The renovation of this infusion space creates a positive distraction for patients through gaming, enhancing the overall infusion experience, and allowing family members to remain with them throughout the process.

When Little was asked to design Levine Children’s Hospital’s new Infusionarium, interactive gaming was prominently integrated. Gaming not only improves problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities, multi-tasking ability and hand-to-eye coordination but also enhances a person’s prosocial behaviors. Adolescent and young adult cancer patients can feel normal for a few hours while they receive their treatment, forming friendships along the way with others undergoing a similar experience.

Two underutilized recovery bays were renovated to create the new space designed to accommodate multiple patients at a time.

The gender neutral, age appropriate design solution attended to clinical considerations, such as patient safety and infusion administration, and infection control measures, such as single vs. multi-use equipment. Gaming security was of significant importance to ensure parental controls, equipment security and closed circuitry.