Haywood Community College

Health Sciences Education Building

Clyde, NC

Project Type

Higher Education


16,000 Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Architecture, Planning, Site Design


Within the first semester of the opening of Health Sciences Education building, the college saw a 50% increase in nursing applications for the coming year.

The new Health Sciences Education building at Haywood Community College is a cutting-edge facility aimed at tackling the shortage of healthcare workers by expanding student enrollment in fields like nursing, paramedic, and EMS.

The building features advanced technology, including a high-fidelity simulation lab that mimics a real hospital unit where nursing students engage in hands-on training with lifelike mannequins, simulating diverse medical scenarios. This controlled environment allows for repeated practice and error correction, providing valuable learning experiences.

In addition to the simulation lab, the state-of-the-art facility boasts a skills lab, biology lab, and an elevated lecture hall. The emphasis on interior-exterior connectivity, daylighting, and a philosophy of learning everywhere positions this building as a beacon for nursing education in North Carolina, representing a significant step toward meeting healthcare demands in the region.

“The completion of the health sciences building represents the future of nursing and science education in Haywood County and was made possible through an incredible network of partners.”
Shelley White

Haywood Community College President