Downtown Credo

Health Village

Orlando, FL

Project Type

Hospitality & Entertainment, Interiors, Restaurants, Specialty Retail


1,100 Square Feet

Design Services

Architecture, Brand Experience, Interior Architecture


2 New Credo locations have opened in Orlando due to the overwhelming success of this concept

A company with a ‘name your price’ business model and a mission to be a catalyst toward lives of meaning, impact and community selected us to design a new coffee shop.

Developed within a major healthcare headquarters building located adjacent to a transit rail on a hospital campus, the small, friendly and flexible space we created for Credo reflects their cause while delivering business results and enriching the surrounding community.

Design Awards

  • AIA Orlando Honor Award
  • AIA Orange County Merit Award

Project Goals

This non-profit retailer is strongly grounded in being a catalyst for change and wanted to create a place to make friends and cultivate a community where how you spend your money can make an impact on the world.

The design supports this need of connecting with the community through localizing the concept and providing a flexible space designed to create positive friction through multiple opportunities for customers to interact with each other.

  1. Encourage interaction among patrons
  2. Engage within the community
  3. Reflect the local environment


Our design introduces a mezzanine area with a variety of seating options, creating spaces for people to linger and converse, while a racetrack loop below facilitates fast-paced foot traffic and operational efficiency.

Capitalizing on Space

While the scale of the space was an initial challenge, the striking “cube within a cube” design concept helped take advantage of the voluminous space by introducing a mezzanine space for customers to dwell or host events.

The shell retains its raw and natural state providing a design that conceptually could be translated into both indoor and outdoor environments or missions in other locations.

Elevating the Brand

The bold use of the yellow brand color and the strong architectural lines within the space take advantage of the site’s high visibility and contribute to a bold, sleek industrial vibe.

One major challenge was ensuring maximum visibility from the public transit system while being restricted with signage limitations on the exterior of the building.  The design team created large-scale interior branding for the interior wall and a striking architectural frame.


Beyond exceeding financial expectations, this coffee shop has become more than a respite for patients and medical staff.

It’s an incubator for new businesses and community programs, a place for remote work, or to just catch up with an old friend. In fact, a poll conducted a mere nine months after opening revealed that 50% of Credo’s patrons were non-patients.

I’m sitting in our new place and am really happy with it. You guys pushed me, and you were right. I really enjoyed working with you all. The whole team felt responsive and creative.


Ben Hoyer

Founding Owner

  • 2 new Credo locations opened in Orlando due to the overwhelming success of this concept
  • 2x more coffee can be purchased from their direct-trade partners globally