Confidential Client

Office Upfit

Durham, NC

Project Type

Interiors, Office


17,000 Square Feet

Design Services

Brand Experience, Interior Architecture

Taking employees on a “road trip” using themed elements and murals to exemplify the company’s brand.

Spreading across three levels, the thematic concept not only inspired the palette, but also aided with wayfinding, guiding users from east to west, and north to south, moving from floor to floor.

Creating an Adventure

Over 50 different murals, all paying homage to the distinct look of the National Parks, play a role in placemaking and wayfinding.

Circulation areas connect each destination and therefore take on the role of the “road trip” while collaboration areas become the rest stops throughout the day, all helping draw energy to common spaces.

Work + Play

Rather than using the company’s brand to excite employees and visitors, the client leaned on Little to create a distinct experience to engage users throughout the workday.