Historic Revitalization

Durham, NC

Project Type

Civic & Cultural, Hospitality & Entertainment, Mixed-use


8,850 Square Feet

Design Services

Brand Communication & Design, Engineering, Site Design


A reimagined courtyard and Main Street presence.⁠

Constructed in 1904, the Brightleaf courtyard was originally a working space between two bustling tobacco warehouses. Reimagining it brought forth a new logo and a new sustainable destination.

Reimagined on several occasions, Little’s site design team was asked to collaborate on another refresh to reinvigorate the area that has become a beloved, well-used space. This time the approach kept sustainability top of mind. Taking advantage of what was already on the site, our team also designed a resilient plant community that will densely cover the ground to reduce maintenance and allow the planting to fill in over time when there is future disturbance. By including a dense groundcover of evergreen sedges as a “living mulch” maintenance is reduced, the plants stay happy and it assures it will be beautiful throughout all seasons. For finishing touches, our brand communication team reimagined the Brightleaf logo and designed signage for the courtyard to reclaim its presence as a landmark in Durham.