What is the Relationship Between Brain, Learning & Space?

Now more than ever, students need to be prepared for an exponentially more creative, innovative and collaborative economy. The environment in which students learn, both in k-12 and higher ed, plays an instrumental role in how prepared they are for full time careers when they graduate. This presentation, given at the 2017 National AIA Conference, focused on the story of award-winning Invest Collegiate Charter School that clearly demonstrates the roles that Wellness, Neuroscience, Creativity and Culture-Making play in designing an early childhood teaching and learning environment for the Innovation Economy.  The presentation also showcases how this school has implemented The Immersive LearningScape theory into practice, and how this theory comprehensively blends the Brain, Learning and Space to offer more personalized learning for its students.For more information on this topic, please contact Tomas Eliaeson,