40th Annual FPC Seminar + Expo

Oct 1, 2024 @ 2:00 pm


Orlando, FL


Grant Saso & Garrett Herbst

Harnessing AI for Conceptual Design Excellence in Healthcare

This session will demonstrate how to integrate AI within the healthcare conceptual design phase, which is defined by programming/planning and visual graphics. We aim to outline the process of developing, condensing, and utilizing data sets with AI to inform program planning and then present those consequences in AI by creating qualitative experiences of visual images, renders, and forms. Our presentation will outline how AI-generated analysis of the healthcare facility can become a catalyst for iterating designs and showcase how collected data from a facility or project can relate to varying matrices to help inform design solutions at three scales: site, building, and occupant. The audience will gain insight into AI's ability to cross-reference these findings and identify common or shared needs across many user demographics. The analysis will inform the audience how to integrate user-centric considerations with AI analyses, resulting in effective program planning within the design process. Within healthcare design, we understand that the care for patients and the patient journey exists outside of analytic and systemic design, and our session addresses this through visual studies. We will demonstrate how various AI platforms can quickly iterate materials, colors, and forms to understand how a proposal affects the patient's and employee's mood and experience. We will present how AI can show immediate design implications by producing visual graphics from diagrammatic blocking and massing proposals. Integrating AI within the workflow, we can focus on efficiencies in program planning and optimizing the plan layout, all while still creating a user-centric design.