Photograph of Michael Magee, Retail Studio Principal at Little


Michael Magee

Retail Studio Principal



Designer dedicated to his client's success.

Michael is a Store Design studio principal within Little's Retail practice. Beginning as an intern and now with nearly 20 years of professional experience at the firm, you could say he has been "raised on retail" at Little.

He firmly believes that the culture, people, and empathy that Little portrays is felt and valued by his clients. He applies a creative perspective to his client's needs, with responsiveness to their concerns while conveying a high level of understanding toward their goals. Michael sees his years spent working with and at Little as more than a business relationship, but an investment in making himself and others better.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Industry Engagement
Gaston County Planning Board


Words of Inspiration

“Every decision made is an opportunity to make the world around us a better place.”

- Michael Magee