Photograph of Joe Saunders, Senior Associate at Little


Joe Saunders

Senior Associate





Detail-oriented strategic thinker dedicated to client success

With an impressive career spanning over four decades, Joe is legendary for his client-centric approach. As project manager, he excels in orchestrating teams, maintaining focus, and ensuring quality, schedule, scope, and budget adherence. He prides himself as a go-to resource, dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

While Joe has worked on various project types throughout his career, he specializes in K-12 education and sports and recreation facilities, contributing to over 70 school projects and energizing community spaces. Joe's most notable achievements include overseeing significant projects at Virginia Tech, where he launched his career.

Joe's versatile skill set spans design, technical expertise, business development, management, and Construction Administration. He is a mentor to budding architects, emphasizing client relations and problem-solving.

Joe values the architect's role in realizing dreams and fosters a positive, collaborative, and appreciative leadership style. His mission is to enhance lives and the environment through architectural excellence.

Virginia Tech

Bachelor of Architecture

Heriot-Watt University

Diploma of Architecture

Words of Inspiration

“I once received a letter from a 3rd grader that read, "Dear Mr. Architect, I really like coming to my new school every day." To me, that is what architecture is all about.”

- Joe Saunders