Photograph of Garrett Herbst, Senior Associate at Little


Garrett Herbst

Senior Associate





A tech-geek who loves using computation to elevate design.

Garrett stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in his roles as Project Manager, Architect, and Designer. With a diverse portfolio that spans an array of significant projects, including high-rises, manufacturing plants, and corporate headquarters, his footprint in the architectural landscape is both deep and broad. Beyond his primary role, Garrett embraces the cutting edge of technology and computation. These passions have found a natural outlet both in his position as an adjunct professor teaching the computational design courses at UNC Charlotte, as well as leading advanced computation efforts here at Little.

Equally passionate about regenerative design, Garrett is an avid researcher at UNC Charlotte where he is at the forefront of developing next-generation facades. His research notably focuses on the integration of microalgae and photovoltaics, paving the way for a new era of sustainable and energy-efficient architectural solutions. In addition to his research efforts, he also leads two of Little's first large-scale mass timber projects, diving into this quickly evolving typology resulting in a lower carbon footprint for our built environment.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Master of Architecture

University at Buffalo

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Words of Inspiration

“There's a script for that!”

- Garrett Herbst