Photograph of Fred Josey, Senior Associate at Little


Fred Josey

Senior Associate


CPD, LEED Green Associate



Versatile leader and plumbing authority

As an engineering designer, Fred's passion for plumbing runs deep. In addition to his role in establishing plumbing standards, he's an advocate for sustainability in plumbing system design. He is also a valuable resource within the team, generously sharing his expertise in Revit with new employees.

Fred welcomes challenges with open arms, thriving in situations where others might hesitate. Whether presented with a complex project or a novel concept, he firmly believes that the bigger the challenge, the greater the innovation potential. Fred's core strengths lie in his patience, commitment, loyalty, and technical skills. His commitment to learning is exemplified by his success in passing the Certified Plumbing Designer exam on his first attempt, driven by his desire to stay ahead in the ever-evolving plumbing industry.

In his leadership role, Fred is hands-on. Drawing upon his extensive field experience, Fred uses real-world scenarios to make learning memorable. His design philosophy revolves around simplicity to achieve superior results, and he approaches every opportunity with a "Yes, and..." mindset, fostering an environment of limitless possibilities. Fred's visionary leadership and open-mindedness fuel innovation and excellence in the plumbing industry, setting an aspirational benchmark for others.

College of the Mainland

Associates Degree

Industry Engagement


Words of Inspiration

“The best way to learn is to teach, and when my journey ends, I hope to leave a legacy.”

- Fred Josey