Photograph of Carl Schuett, Senior Associate at Little


Carl Schuett

Senior Associate


PE, NCEES Record



Innovative engineer who enjoys pushing boundaries.

As Lead Structural Engineer, Carl boasts an impressive career spanning over a decade, marked by his extensive expertise in structural design and home construction. He has seamlessly transitioned between roles as a designer and project manager, contributing his skills to a diverse array of projects within both the private and public sectors. His portfolio encompasses civic, healthcare, higher education, and workplace projects, reflecting his versatility and proficiency.

Carl embodies the spirit of an engineer who embraces challenges with the unwavering belief that "Sure, we can do it—after all, we put a man on the moon!" Throughout his career, he has consistently risen to the occasion, rarely encountering a challenge he couldn't conquer. The more unconventional and creative the project, the more he relishes the opportunity, recognizing that true wisdom is born from overcoming adversity.

In addition to his technical acumen, Carl enjoys mentoring junior engineers, encouraging their growth and eventual success. His commitment to fostering the next generation of engineering talent is a testament to his dedication to the field and his enduring passion for innovation.

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Bachelors of Civil Engineering

Bowling Green State University

Bachelors of Science in Technology

Words of Inspiration

“Wisdom comes through the struggle.”

- Carl Schuett