Dec 8, 2022


by Carol Rickard-Brideau

Little Names Three New Partners

Little is proud to announce the naming of three new partners in the firm: Sharon Crawford, Sean Murphy, and Shannon Rydell. Each has demonstrated sustained excellence in both thought leadership and financial performance and exhibit an unwavering commitment that ensures each project at Little elevates our clients’ performance in powerful and measurable ways.

This promotion brings the firm’s total partners to 24.

Meet our newest partners:


If you’ve ever met Sharon—and you likely have because Sharon knows everyone—you know that she has a one-for-all and all-for-one mentality. She embodies what it means to be Little. Sharon’s passion and motivation center on building client relationships, teamwork, and high-quality design that results in a targeted solution for each client.

“I cannot say enough good things about Sharon and how well our relationship with Little has flourished under her leadership. She is business-minded, friendly, organized, motivated, practical, accountable, creative, and collaborated,” shared a Little client.


Our Durham healthcare studio principal since 2019, Sean has established Little as the go-to healthcare team in the Triangle. He is a proven relationship-builder who inspires others through his innate ability to generate and foster strong, lasting connections with clients and teammates alike.

As one of his peers says, “I have found Sean to be selfless, caring, thoughtful, and always ready to lend an ear. He clearly cares for his clients, his office, and the practice of healthcare design as demonstrated by the way he listens, the way he speaks, and the actions he takes to maintain positive working relationships.”


Shannon currently serves as the Charlotte office president. Since joining the firm in 1997, Shannon’s experience in all types of roles is astounding. From design principal to studio principal to office president, Shannon has held a span of leadership positions few in our company can claim.

Shannon is committed, determined and principled. He has proven his ability to excel as a thought leader for many years and this has led to lasting client relationships due to his incredible conviction to elevate the performance of our clients. He always goes the extra mile to find the unique thought, design, or creative approach that leads to results far beyond architecture.

With the attributes and skills these new partners bring to Little, we are even more excited about our future ahead. All three embody qualities we hold dear at Little, and have had a monumental impact on client service, team leadership, thought leadership, and the overall growth of the firm.


Carol Rickard-Brideau

Carol is a self-proclaimed foodie, is endlessly curious about how design affects humans, both psychologically and physically, and has a thing for gardens. She is also an architect and Chief Executive Officer at Little. Follow her on Twitter @WineDarkC.

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