Mar 25, 2021


by Kelly Thompson

If the Ronald McDonald House Could Talk

If Buildings Could Talk is a podcast that explores the untold stories behind buildings in Charlotte and how the design of these spaces impacts the lives of individuals and the success of our city. The podcast is part of the Queen City Podcast Network.  Subscribe now and listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. We’re excited to have you join us!

In our first episode of If Buildings Could Talk a family joins us to share their emotional story about their children’s medical emergency and how they were served by the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) of Charlotte during that time.

RMH of Charlotte has served over 5,000 families since opening its doors in 2011 and is much more than a place for weary families to rest their heads. Listen as we uncover the story of how the 35,000 square foot house came to be and how its design has helped provide strength to families when they need it most.


Kelly Thompson

Beginning her communications career in television broadcasting, Kelly ditched the idea of fame and fortune – but remains convinced that fortune will come from her occasional purchase of a lottery ticket. A member of Little’s marketing team and mom of three tykes, Kelly is known to put on a toe tapping, finger snapping clogging performance when the empty soda cans wedged on her feet fit just right.

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