Feb 14, 2023


by Stephanie Flury

Be My Punny Little Valentine 2023

They say the third time’s a charm, and we couldn’t agree more—especially when it comes to sharing punny little valentines! Our fan-favorite annual tradition is back for the third year, where Little employees from across the firm stretch their creativity to originate the punniest valentines that are debatably both clever and corny.

The 2023 edition may be the best yet, containing 25 hokey yet hilarious [mostly] AEC-themed valentines. Guaranteed to elicit more giggles than eye rolls, it’s a “Little” Valentine’s Day humor we hope brightens your day.

Can’t get enough of our punny valentines? Take a scroll down memory lane and visit:
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Stephanie Flury

Stephanie prides herself as a creative strategist, brand storyteller, and data enthusiast. As a digital marketing manager, she spends most of her time cultivating relationships and devising tactics that reach, resonate, and retain Little’s diverse audiences. When not online, she’s traveling, reading, or mothering her human child, two fur kids, and numerous plant babies.

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