Jul 20, 2023


by Carol Rickard-Brideau

2023 New Associates and Senior Associates

Today marks one of the most beloved days on the Little calendar. It’s a day dedicated to recognizing and honoring the exceptional individuals who make Little a better place. The Associate and Senior Associate program allows us to recognize and celebrate employees who embody our core values and exemplify the attitudes, behaviors, and achievements that drive us toward elevating the performance of our clients, the firm, and those around us.

Associates and Senior Associates make our work life better by infusing it with joy and positivity. They constantly push boundaries, diving deep to understand our clients’ needs to unearth ingenious solutions. They elevate all of us, igniting a desire to excel in client performance and they transform us into superior design professionals, attentive listeners, and outstanding teammates.

Today, we celebrate our remarkable colleagues not only for their professional accomplishments but for who they are as individuals. Their unwavering dedication is an endless source of inspiration, motivating us to consistently strive for greatness.

It is my honor to introduce our 2023 New Associates and Senior Associates.


Carol Rickard-Brideau

Carol is a self-proclaimed foodie, is endlessly curious about how design affects humans, both psychologically and physically, and has a thing for gardens. She is also an architect and Chief Executive Officer at Little. Follow her on Twitter @WineDarkC.

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