Apr 16, 2021


by Carol Rickard-Brideau

2021 Associates & Senior Associates

Today is truly a red-letter day on the Little calendar. We are proud to present the class of 2021 New Associates and Senior Associates.

The Associate and Senior Associate Program is an essential component of our culture, as it allows us to recognize and celebrate employees who embody our core values, contribute to improving the performance of our clients, deliver on our brand promise, and always consider What’s in it for the Other Person.

As we celebrate both the big and little accomplishments of our people, we also thank them for helping to remind us about what is important. Through all the sacrifices and strain of the past year, the people in the Associate and Senior Associate class of 2021 have stood fast. They have inspired us to think differently, to push the envelope just a bit farther, to be that SPARK that ignites an amazing solution for a client. They have challenged us to find the steel inside of us, to dig deep, and to STRETCH to bring our best selves to the table (or zoom call) every day in service to our clients and each other. And many times over the past year, they have shown the CARE that has held us together when we have felt overwhelmed by events around us.

We applaud the attitudes and behaviors and, most importantly, the people who are the best examples of our culture and who show how Little is different from anywhere else.


Carol Rickard-Brideau

Carol is a self-proclaimed foodie, is endlessly curious about how design affects humans, both psychologically and physically, and has a thing for gardens. She is also an architect and Chief Executive Officer at Little. Follow her on Twitter @WineDarkC.

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