Apr 22, 2020


by Kelly Thompson

2020 Associates & Senior Associates

Little is proud to announce its 2020 class of new Associates and Senior Associates. The Associate and Senior Associate Program is an essential component of our culture, as it allows us to recognize and celebrate employees who embody our core values, contribute to improving the performance of our clients, deliver on our brand promise, and always consider What’s in it for the Other Person.  

Although a difficult time for celebrations with the crisis in our country, we know this is the perfect time to put focus, recognition and appreciation toward the people in our company who make a real difference in our culture and for our clients on a daily basis. 

According to Corporate Office President Carol Rickard-Brideau, “This is one of my favorite days on the Little calendar because it’s a celebration of culture. It’s about recognizing the contributions of the people who make our company unique – who are aimed with laser-like focus at improving the performance of our clients. This is the day we recognize the people that inspire us to be better. These are the people who make Little.” 


Kelly Thompson

Beginning her communications career in television broadcasting, Kelly ditched the idea of fame and fortune – but remains convinced that fortune will come from her occasional purchase of a lottery ticket. A member of Little’s marketing team and mom of three tykes, Kelly is known to put on a toe tapping, finger snapping clogging performance when the empty soda cans wedged on her feet fit just right.

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