The Immersive Workplace

by Jim Thompson
Jan. 14, 2019 | Back To Explore

More than ever, “work” is a process of learning, sharing and harnessing knowledge and information.  Recalling Alvin Toffler’s words “literacy in the 21st century will depend on our capability to constantly learn, unlearn, and relearn”, our adaptability to a constantly and rapidly evolving world will dictate our relevance in the future marketplace.  However, as learning environments are evolving to support collaboration, innovation, transparency and technology, the workplace of today is almost a dinosaur in its ability to adapt to these changing needs.  What would an immersive workplace, focused on a social, knowledge-sharing, intersectional approach to work look like?  How would it radically change the corporate landscape as we know it?

With the understanding that the workplace of tomorrow will be built on a foundation of learning, we must begin to explore the ramifications to the physical and digital environments.  Creating a space that supports collaboration workplace learning and connectivity of ideas will
be equally important to creating a digital ecosystem to harness and share knowledge.   Attached is a recent presentation that focuses on where we should be looking to understand the workplace of tomorrow.