Whether you have very specific interests or want to broaden your exposure, our internship program is crafted specifically to you.

Future Leaders

We know our interns have the potential to be future leaders within our firm. That’s why we search for those who are passionate, ambitious, and can look at design in diverse ways.

You’ll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a diverse group of design professionals who provide a unique, in-depth and rewarding internship experience.

As an intern at Little, I was a member of the design team and was fully immersed in real projects. I gained valuable experience that allowed me to grow exponentially in both my education and career.
– Nicole Norris

About the Program

Our summer internship program provides an 8-12 week immersive learning experience for Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Architecture/Design students.

Each of our internships is crafted individually to deepen your experience in specific areas of interest and broaden your exposure to other experts within the design industry.

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Virtual Lecture Series

Knowing what to expect in the “real world” can give you invaluable perspective as you begin your career in the design industry.

From understanding the ins and outs of business development, to getting licensed or designing for human connection, the more you know before you get your first job, the better prepared you will be to launch a successful career.

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