Positively impacting people's lives.

Some of life’s greatest joys and greatest sorrows are experienced in healthcare facilities. Each and every professional in our Healthcare Practice understands this, and we aim our passion, our expertise, and our creativity toward what we do best – positively impacting the lives of patients, their families, caregivers and staff.

Whether developing a campus/facility master plan or designing a hospital, cancer center, children’s facility, ambulatory surgery center, or outpatient clinic, close attention is given to our client’s functional needs along with their experiential goals so that the healthcare facilities we create exceed our clients’ functional, aesthetic and business goals. Our process focuses on collaboration and is rooted in purpose, resulting in spaces that make a profound impact on people’s lives.

Our intention is evident not only in how we listen and interact, but also in the way our projects interact with, and take cues from, the broader community. This fusion, along with a deliberate focus on the holistic patient/family/staff experience, elevates the performance of our clients through the delivery of comprehensive healing environments focused on a future of health and healing.

Specialty Centers: Cancer Centers

As the treatment of cancer patients has evolved over the past 30 years, more attention and value has been given to the care environment. The understanding that comforting and respectful spaces contribute to the healing process has resulted in a heightened awareness on facility design, and our goal of improving cancer center design in an impactful way drives and inspires us every day. Our team has been involved in the design and planning of diagnostic, treatment, research, and integrative oncology facilities. In addition to the specialized expertise these require, we bring proficiency in patient experience design to the process ensuring that patients have a voice in design decisions. Cancer survivors have a strong desire to contribute to helping future patients, and we listen and respond to their input.

Specialty Centers: Children’s Healthcare

Healthcare is often viewed as very intimidating, which is never more apparent than with children’s services. These patients are the most fragile of the fragile, their parents are experiencing tremendous anxiety and the staff is operating in a high-stress environment. We understand the unique needs of each and focus our efforts on positively impacting their lives, creating design solutions like a pediatric emergency department that improves access, check in, patient privacy and staff workflow. Children deserve a future of health and well-being, and we aspire to influence that ideal outcome through design.

Acute Care, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Outpatient Clinics

We are well versed in the full spectrum of the healthcare delivery system, from acute care to ambulatory surgery centers to outpatient clinics. Our team understands the differences and unique needs of each facility type and is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that support a hopeful, healing, and healthy experience for patients while maximizing operational efficiency. Because these medical facilities can be both diverse and complex, we believe that shaping compassionate, caring and calming environments is essential to delivering a quality healthcare experience. Our comprehensive design principles, which encompass intuitive wayfinding, appropriate finishes, impactful art, and creative lighting, help ensure that the spaces we deliver are both beautiful and healing.

We continually strive to deliver results beyond architecture by combining diverse insights and breakthrough thinking with comprehensive environments focused on a future of health and healing. Evidence-based design solutions that instill confidence in patients and reinforce that they are respected and valued. Spaces that support their families and caregivers so they can remain attentive to what matters most, and in which staff can be more efficient and more productive. Environments that enhance the health, quality and safety of those who use them.


As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we partner with clients to develop strategic campus/facility master plans that advance and support future growth. Successful master plans ensure facilities are flexible and can quickly respond to immediate demands for change. They also are accessible and set the groundwork for excellent planning and design of current and future spaces. From large medical centers to community hospitals, we ensure a collaborative process, including diverse stakeholders, that explores unique goals, needs and demographics. As part of our master planning team, we also utilize our in-house engineers who assess and systematically plan for engineering system upgrades/expansions and, if needed, our in-house digital visualization team that partners with clients to develop successful fundraising tools, telling the powerful story of future growth.

Nurturing the healing process and offering comfort for patients, their families, caregivers and staff through the built environment is what inspires us each and every day. In partnership with our clients, we fuse that passion with our proven expertise and creativity to deliver holistic healthcare spaces that meet the demands of today, anticipate future needs and elevate the performance of our clients.

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