Photograph of Mary Alice Boyd, Chief Accounting Officer at Little


Mary Alice Boyd

Chief Accounting Officer





Trusted leader and business partner who thrives in a collaborative environment.

As Chief Accounting Officer, Mary Alice guides and oversees Little's Accounting and Finance teams, playing a pivotal role as a key member of our firm's executive leadership team. Her adeptness in interpersonal, technical, and analytical skills enables her to be a strategic and reliable business partner, ensuring financial objectives are met.

Throughout her career, Mary Alice has consistently demonstrated a remarkable work ethic, which, coupled with her unwavering commitment to high ethical standards, has earned her the trust and respect of her peers and colleagues. She is a driving force behind our financial achievements, and her dedication to excellence and integrity serves as a guiding light, inspiring others to follow suit.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Industry Engagement
Children's Theatre

Board Member

Words of Inspiration

“Being curious and kind paves a path of possibility.”

- Mary Alice Boyd