Little Joins IWBI Task Force

by Emily Roofe
Apr. 29, 2020 | Back To Explore

We are acutely aware of the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on our clients and their work environments. As we navigate these unchartered waters, we are fortunate and honored to have Little’s Corporate President, Carol Rickard-Brideau, and Courtney Fain, a Studio Principal for our Workplace Practice, appointed to the International WELL Building Institute’s Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections.

As the ultimate authority in the global movement to transform our buildings, communities and organizations in ways that help people thrive, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) recognizes how buildings play a central role in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our ultimate recovery. The organization’s specialized Task Force will quickly identify actionable measures for the built environment and deliver the timely resources needed by companies and communities to improve population health.

Chaired by renowned experts and populated by dozens of thought leaders and authorities from across public health, medicine, design, real estate, government and academia, the Task Force will inform new guidelines for prevention and preparedness, resilience and recovery while also reviewing and implementing enhancements to the WELL Building Standard itself. Carol acknowledges “the COVID-19 event will fundamentally change the way we design and manage space, so figuring out a proportionate response ASAP is critical.”

As leading design practitioners, Courtney and Carol bring an invaluable skill-set to the exclusive forum. Understanding the importance of making people feel safe will be imperative, whether returning to work in a month, a year from now, or undergoing change management. According to Courtney, “People are prioritizing their health and safety above all else when making decisions on their employment now, even over trendy amenities and benefits. Healthy environments are shaping the future of the best places to work. That’s what’s going to attract and retain talent of the future.”

We look forward to sharing the knowledge gained from the frontlines of this IWBI Task Force and implementing it in ways that help our clients navigate the new standards of health and safety for their own built environments.